Welcome to the homepage of the band of two names, Jerusalem and Deckchair Poets. Their main difference being that Jerusalem lyrics tend to be fairly serious, whilst those of Deckchair Poets can be humorous. However these rules are not set in stone, and smiles can equally pop up in Jerusalem's work, just as the weight of the World can sometimes be found plonked in a deckchair. As the same select core of musicians play on both Jerusalem and 'Poets recordings there are obvious musical similarities.


The balmy bunch of dream weavers, who'll sprinkle diamonds in your ears and paint rainbows in your mind, can include any of the following celestial barrel rollers and Shangri-Larian astral plane loop the loopers...........................


Lynden Williams (vocals) - Jerusalem. The Britz. Oxoxox.
Ollie Hannifan (guitars & mandolin) - Mister Kanish. Synaesthesia. Mamma Mia.
Nick D'Virgilio (drums & percussion) - Big Big Train. Spock's Beard. Genesis. Tears For Fears.
Geoff Downes (keyboards) - Asia. Yes. The Buggles.
Dave Meros (bass guitar) - Spock's Beard. Eric Burdon. Iron Butterfly.
Bob Cooke (guitars & mandolin) - Jerusalem. Pussy. The Britz.
Rachael Hawnt (vocals) - Cosmograf. The Beautiful Secret. Great Scott!
Will Wilde (harmonica) - Dani Wilde Band. Will Wilde Band.
Sue Lord (violin & viola) - The Stringbeans Quartet. Tracy Chapman Band.
Rachel Hall (violin) - Stackridge. Judy Dyble. Big Big Train.
Ashley Cutler (bass guitar) - The Beautiful Secret. Great Scott!
Ray Drury (keyboards & accordion) - The Producers. Teed Up. Rufus Stone.
Henk Leerink (bass guitar) - Not Dead Yet. The Britz. Call Me Blondie.


Sadly Bob Cooke lost the use of his left arm, after his second stroke, in 2010. Thankfully he still composes, via his music computer, and his forthcoming work will always find an outlet on future releases.

Another invaluable member of the recording team, who flings many an extra noise, and effect, into the musical mix, is studio owner, producer and engineer, Rob Aubrey, who's worked with Bob and Lynden since 1987. His ears are enshrined in music legend, but he did have to get them syringed out lately.


If you're reading this out of curiosity, then please listen to the music.

If you've heard the music then stay curious, you never know what might happen next!?

Now where's that tin of rainbow paint?

sjs houston

Ah! Sarah-Jane Szikora, artist in residence at Deckchair Palace, has obviously pinched it again!

Bring back that tin of rainbow paint you very naughty, but exceptionally lovely and talented, artistic genius!!


seperator seagull

Jerusalem: Cooler Than Antarctica

(Angel Air: SJPCD487)

Released 24th June 2016

Lynden Williams, Ollie Hannifan, Nick D’Virgilio, Ashley Cutler, Ray Drury, Geoff Downes, Will 'Harmonica' Wilde, Rachael Hawnt Dave Meros and Rachel Hall


seperator mr punch

Deckchair Poets: Searchin' for a Lemon Squeezer

(Angel Air: SJPCD456)

Released 6th July 2015

Lynden Williams, Ollie Hannifan, Nick D’Virgilio, Ashley Cutler, Geoff Downes, Ray Drury, Rachael Hawnt and Will 'Harmonica' Wilde


seperator lolly

Jerusalem: Black Horses

(Angel Air: SJPCD447)

Released 3rd November 2014

Lynden Williams, Ollie Hannifan, Nick D’Virgilio, Ashley Cutler, Geoff Downes, Rachael Hawnt, Ray Drury, Rachel Hall, Will ‘Harmonica’ Wilde and Henk Leerink

seperator cones

Deckchair Poets: Who Needs Pyjamas?

(Angel Air: SJPCD410)

Released 7th October 2013

Lynden Williams, Geoff Downes, Nick D’Virgilio, Ollie Hannifan, Ashley Cutler, Rachel Hall, Will ‘Harmonica’ Wilde and Rachael Hawnt.

seperator sandcastles

Jerusalem: Escalator

(Mausoleum Records: 251105)

Released 3rd July 2009

Lynden Williams, Bob Cooke, Geoff Downes, Nick D’Virgilio and Dave Meros