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The Smartypants Variations

Midnight Steamer (extract)

When The Wolf Sits (extract)

Hooded Eagle (extract)

Splendid Licks Guaranteed

As The Crow Flies (extract)

Don't Go To Texas (extract)

Nick Of Time (extract)

The Chronicles Of Barmier

Hey Girl (extract)

Stopwatch (extract)

Years Of Blues (extract)

Electric Humbug

Driving Down Alvarado (extract)

Faith Healer (extract)

Merry-Go-Round (extract)

Scarlett's Dad Plays Gooseberry

Beam Me Up Again (extract)

Fish On Your Car (extract)

Shadows (extract)

Let's Go Swedish

Summer Night City (extract)

Under Attack (extract)

Elaine (extract)

Overcast With Occasional Flowers

Shangri-La (extract)

The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (extract)

Don't Give A Monkeys (extract)

No Turkeys Here

It's Christmas (extract)

Forever Christmas (extract)

The Man In Red (extract)

Leaning Tower Of Allsorts

She Came Like A Bat From Hell (extract)

Beyond The Grave (extract)

Murderer's Lament (extract)

A Bit Of Pottery

Part 1 (extract)

Part 2 (extract)

Part 3 (extract)

Part 4 (extract)

Cooler Than Antarctica

Cry (extract)

Drums Bass and Guitar (extract)

Northern Nights (extract)

Searchin' For A Lemon Squeezer

Everybody Wants To Live In America (extract)

We Like Tarts (extract)

We're All Chasing Peter Pan(extract)

Black Horses

Smokestack Ammunition (extract)

Puppet King (extract)

Surfing From Sydney To Marrakech (extract)